Jewellery & Leather Care Guide

Here at Luxori we would like you to enjoy our products at their best for the longest possible time period. To that end, we would like to share with you some simple care tips & techniques to keep your Luxori product in top condition:



In order for your tungsten jewellry to remain in pristine condition, it must be treated with care like any other piece in your collection.


Tungsten may afford an unparalleled resistance to scratches & surface wear, but is by no means invulnerable to damage from severe impacts.


The best way to clean the jewelry is with a fine polishing cloth, or a fine brush & soapy water in the case of heavier soiling.


Using polishing cloths impregnated with anti-tarnish agents & such like are not advised if non metallic or plated metallic decoration components are present.



Leather Goods


For leather items, a quick wipe with a damp cloth is usually sufficient for light soiling, but the material isn’t suited for long term exposure to water unless impregnated with a water repellant coating - so no swimming or surfing with your leather wallet or watch strap!


Leather by its nature will wear over time, like any other fabric. Unlike other materials however, wear & usage can make the leather more soft & yielding, & a unique patina can develop to give your item a unique & distinguished appearance. Applying  a small quantity of high quality leather food/conditioner every once in a while will keep the material supple & prevent it drying out. With appropriate care and attention, leather items have the potential to be appreciated for years to come.


We hope you enjoy our products & welcome any comments or feedback!

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