24mm (1.5mm thickness) Watch Spring Bars (pack of 4)

24mm (1.5mm thickness) Watch Spring Bars (pack of 4)
Product Code: 24mm (1.5mm thickness) Watch Spring Bars
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High quality spring bars with a double flange to enable easy removal using the appropriate spring bar tool.

These components are an essential accessory when replacing a steel watch bracelet with a leather strap, or having a spare set for use with new straps for your watch.

Measure the distance between the 2 lugs to get the width of spring bar you require. If in any doubt please consult the manual accompanying your watch or the manufacturer directly as to the exact spring bar with required.

We have virtually every size possible in stock, but if you have other requirements please let us know, & we shall try our utmost to help you.

  • Priced as a pack of four.

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